Company Profile


Lone Buffalo specializes in the custom delivery of digital news to Fortune 500 companies and large government organizations. Our roots are in journalism and its digital evolution. We were among the very first to pioneer electronic news clipping and have developed proprietary digital news gathering and delivery systems that allow us to greatly customize our product for each and every one of our clients.

Founder and president Dave Farrell has nearly 30 years experience as a print and online journalist. Dave was an award-winning investigative reporter for the San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco Chronicle and Detroit News and was the first syndicated newspaper columnist to address the internet in his weekly column, "Roadside Attractions." Farrell has authored several books, was on the team that put the Detroit News online and was founding Editor-in-Chief of the Newhouse-owned news and information web site, Michigan Live.

Lone Buffalo grew out of a consulting job Farrell had with Ford Motor Company. The company's global Public Affairs office asked for his help in monitoring and responding to global news on a 24/7 basis. Prior to this request, Ford had used a number of monitoring services and internal resources to collect hard-copy clippings. The daily clipping operation was cumbersome, expensive and unable to deliver both relevant and timely news to a global operation. Farrell's knowledge of Internet technologies, coupled with his years of experience in journalism, made him uniquely qualified to develop an online solution. Thus was born the Lone Buffalo Daily Clipsheet. With Ford's overwhelming satisfaction with its Clipsheet came numerous other clients.

Lone Buffalo has worked with some of the largest, most influential companies in the world, including Boeing, Cadbury Schweppes, Credit Suisse Group, FedEx, Ford, Gateway, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Korean Air, Pfizer, Sprint-Nextel, Toyota, Visteon and others. Our work has become integral to internal communications and media relations worldwide.

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