Competitive Edge


Why should you hire Lone Buffalo when you have other options? Few companies have the in-house resources or systems to continue to handle the task of monitoring news on a 24/7 basis. Outsourcing the task makes sense, but with so many services available, how do you decide?

Here are a few of the reasons why Lone Buffalo will give you the competitive edge:

Applied News Judgment

Our news monitoring service is efficient and reliable. We eliminate the duplication and irrelevant news that you often receive with entirely automated services and deliver the kind of news that keyword searches would never find. We do this by employing a team of editors trained in journalism and information science. Most services are highly automated and if they use editors at all, it is for a final review. We use editorial intervention, applying human intelligence and a knowledge of your business throughout the process to ensure that you receive only useful clips.

Immediate and Reliable

We'll find the news and deliver it to you while it's being made. We often deliver news so fresh that our clients are informed for the first time by the stories they receive from us. Our daily service comes to you early every morning in a highly organized, easy-to-digest format. The news you need is always at your fingertips. You can rely on us to get you just what you need when you need it the most.

Total Global Coverage

Our clients are global and need to keep pace in a global environment. That means finding news from all over the world. We specialize in English-language monitoring, but also offer foreign language monitoring and translation. We monitor thousands of news sources including consumer, business and trade publications. We also offer regional editions of our Daily Clipsheet, delivering news early in the morning — local time — to offices throughout Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Remote Access

Lone Buffalo uses a web-based publishing system so you can access your clips through the web or have it pushed to you through email and wireless devices. This central platform helps large companies streamline their news storage and delivery, eliminating redundancy and making sure that staff worldwide has the same easy and efficient access to relevant news.

Searchable Archives

How many times have you needed a crucial news story and couldn't locate it? Or needed a special play report? With Lone Buffalo's archiving system, you'll find any story, or grouping of stories, you need by searching your own database by keyword, publication, date, headline, by-line and other custom criteria.

Flexible and Responsive

Lone Buffalo was one of the very first to offer electronic news monitoring. As a pioneer serving the needs of the world's largest companies, we have needed to be nimble and creative to thrive. Tell us what you want. We'll create a program for you; react immediately to your changing needs; and evolve with you over time. Do you have a special need — a crisis situation, a big industry show or major organizational changes? We respond immediately  to special requests and act as your on-call news research desk to find stories you don't have the time to find.

Time and Cost Effective

We save you time and money by packaging and delivering the news in a highly efficient way. The costs of handling this task internally are often hidden. But they're real costs that drain valuable resources. We save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

To find out more about how we give you the competitive edge, we invite you to talk to our clients.