Lone Buffalo specializes in making smart companies smarter.

Anyone can follow the news, but at Lone Buffalo, we use highly skilled editors to find all the news, and only  the news, that you deem relevant.

We have provided our custom, web-based news monitoring services to clients such as Boeing, Cadbury Schweppes, Credit Suisse Group, FedEx, Ford, Gateway, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Korean Air, Pfizer, Sprint-Nextel, Toyota and others. We've developed long-term, trusting relationships with these clients who use our service to keep their entire global workforce informed.

The cornerstone to our monitoring services is the Daily Clipsheet. We also offer a variety of enhanced services and are always happy to develop new and custom services.

Daily Clipsheet

Lone Buffalo's Daily Clipsheet is essential for large organizations that have a high volume of news, a need to stay constantly informed and are frustrated by other services that provide either too much or not enough.

Clipping services that rely heavily on automation can deliver too many irrelevant or redundant clips or miss important clips altogether. Our editors use a deep understanding of your business to scour the Internet, wire services and proprietary news databases for news that's relevant. We search thousands of news sources from around the world to find all the news that's important to your organization.

Early every morning, we deliver your news through a password-protected site, email and/or wireless devices and can integrate all your clips — from print, web and broadcast media. We database all of your news to help you find any story any time, searching by keyword, publication, date and/or author. This Search and Archives function gives you the ability to quickly generate your own media reports. Want to see how a particular publication and/or journalist covered you? Need to find out how your PR messages are being picked up? You can gather all of this quickly and easily through your Daily Clipsheet.

You're managing the media and internal communications in a fast-paced environment so we expect to change with you at a moment's notice. We respond to changes and requests immediately and are ready to address hot topics as they arise. To see a sample Daily Clipsheet, please click here to contact us.

Breaking News

If your company, competitors and industry produce a high volume of news that you want to monitor in real-time, you need Lone Buffalo's Breaking News service. With Breaking News, we monitor, filter and deliver relevant news to you throughout the day. All Breaking News stories are stored in your database for easy retrieval.

We offer several Breaking News options to complement your Daily Clipsheet:

Tell us your needs and we'll develop the right kind of package for you. Click here to get started.

Web Monitoring

In the 24/7 online world, blogs, newsgroups and bulletin boards increasingly impact corporate reputations. Have you ever tried to track this information and make sense of it? These non-traditional sources of news and information are becoming increasingly influential and important to monitor.

Lone Buffalo offers a unique service in which we monitor relevant blogs, newsgroup and message boards and deliver to you a thorough, yet concise, summary and analysis. Unlike other web monitoring services that focus on the quantity of "mentions," we focus on the quality. We look for trends, patterns and their underlying threats and opportunities. On a regular basis, you receive a web-based report with data, links to relevant posts, analysis and recommendations.

Consumer Currents

The news has a definite impact on consumers today and provides insight into future consumer behavior. News about changing demographics, lifestyle, health, energy, politics, security, regulation and so much more — if monitored with a careful eye — will help inform your strategic, long-range business decisions. If your success relies on knowledge about consumer behavior, you would benefit from Consumer Currents.

To learn more about how these services can best meet your needs, click here.